CCTV Surveys

Kwik Jet use the latest equipment and technology to provide a detailed CCTV inspection to identify any problem areas within your drainage system Fully trained operators can quickly establish the condition of the drains and pinpoint any problems.

So if you’re —

Thinking of buying a new home

You should be aware that many mortgage providers are insisting drain inspections be carried out now before offering mortgages to new home owners. Although a CCTV survey will not determine that a drain is watertight, it will show and locate areas of cracking, damage, open joints or blockage. A CCTV survey can also be useful in determining the layout of a drainage system and identifying unknown/abandoned branches.

Please don’t assume that this is covered when instructing a surveyor to carry out an inspection of the property. A surveyor cannot be certain of the condition of the drains simply by lifting manhole cover. If defects are found they will instruct you to get a CCTV survey carried out by a qualified drainage company like Kwik Jet.

Having a problem with rats

Do you know rats are burrowing animals and will tend to live underground? They love to live and breed in dry places, and redundant drains are ideal. They often give access to main drains which contain food we flush down our sinks. Rats find them a comfortable place to live away from other predators like the house cat and drains give little access to us humans.

A CCTV survey can establish whether a line is redundant and then we can put stop to rats living nearby and in some cases entry into your home.

Kwik Jet offer a full comprehensive CCTV drain survey service that is affordable and cost effective with no call out charges or any hidden extra costs.

We have been carrying out CCTV surveys for many years helping our customers identify any drainage issues they may have. So put your trust in our qualified operators who take the time to help you. Calling us now without any obligations on 0800 14 65 85 or send us an enquiry.